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Industry average: 2.5% of all website visitors engage in a chat session, whatever your goal is with your online presence, you can use Live chat software for online engagement, sales lead generation and customer support.

Below Are Just A Few More Features of Max HelpChat software 

Max HelpChat Mobile Apps-  Live Chat on the Go ! You will never miss a chat request again ! 

Now you can chat with your website visitors on your mobile devices simply log in to your usual account and be available via your phone!
Many small businesses do not have the resources to have someone manning their live chat in the office. Max HelpChat has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices so as long as you have either one of them, you can take chat requests no matter where you are.
It’s just like picking up a phone call! When it rings, you got yourself a potential sales lead alternatively one of your existing customers needs your help -> Good support results in repeat business. So either way, your efforts pay off!

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Questions: Will it work on my website? How easy is it to install?

Max HelpChat can be installed quickly and easily into 99.99% of all websites and e-commerce stores including even flash websites. Below are some of the most popular CMS systems but don’t worry if yours is a custom built website or don’t see your CMS on the image below because during the past 6 years, we have only had 1 or 2 cases where Max HelpChat couldn’t be installed.
The script installation is usually a 1 minute procedure.