Our agents have experience in more than 15 industries and are able to answer your customer’s questions without specialized training.
We can help you capture and retain those customers who abandon your site because immediate help isn’t available. Shown below are some of the businesses that we can serve with 24 hours a day with our LIVE AGENTS:

Real Estate

Chat box software on Real Estate websites is growing exponentially. Potential home buyers go to real estate websites day and night. You, as the realtor, don’t want to miss the opportunity to be able to answer to your buyers’ questions. Our Max HelpChat agents can increase interest in a realtor’s online listings with real-time interaction with website visitors. The real time online interaction allows agents to show potential buyers listings that meet their specifications without having to drive them all over town.

Max HelpChat Agents can monitor the company site for chat requests from anywhere, anytime — even while you are hosting an open house or at night. An instant messaging feature allows for private, company-wide and company-to-company communication.

Max HelpChat can also take the leads and send them to a specific realtor, or to administrative staff to distribute to the correct realtor. Start your 7 Day FREE Trial today and increase your chance to close more deals.

Max HelpChat gives you FREE Chat software and provides agents for your website, for Facebook Fan page and Twitter inquiries.
Max HelpChat agents answer your visitor’s basic questions, make appointments, as well as generate LEADS for businesses of all kinds.
We help companies like: law firms, doctors, dentists, clinics, auto dealerships, hotels, home builders, real estate agencies, home services as well as any business selling products online.
  • All of our 24×7 plans come with free unlimited chats, you only pay for the extra number of leads above your plan.
  • All our plans comes with Free Live Chat Software, Full Branding, Social Media Integration, White Label & 50+ Integration Modules.

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