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Getting started with Max HelpChat LiveAgent

How does it work?

1. Multi-channel approach
Customer communicates with you over one of the supported channels as Facebook, Email, Twitter, Chat, Phone or a few others.
 2. Unify & Distribute
Max HelpChat LiveAgent unifies this communication and distributes it to the best Agents (customer service staff, specialists) for the job.
 3. Collaborate & Control
Individual agents are responsible for resolving customer issues. It’s easy to collaborate and share information about the customers and their issues between agents. Agents results are monitored and managers can see detailed work reports.
 4. Better customer service!
A well configured helpdesk system will boost your effectivity, lower response times and help you generally deliver better customer service. This results in:
  • Increase in sales
  • Improvement of public image
  • Strong competitive advantage
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Returning loyal customers doing more purchases.

All Max HelpChat LiveAgent Features

In one place. Described in depth.

Ticket management

Collect communication from your customers, let Max HelpChat LiveAgent process it and route it to the right support representatives at the right time.

Universal inbox

View and answer to every ticket from LiveAgent’s universal inbox. It’s like a smarter version of your email inbox. Emails, chats, calls, Facebook & Twitter tickets, forum posts, suggestions… It’s all there, accessible and manageable from one place.



We call a “ticket” a communication between the customer and your support staff. A ticket contains the complete stream of chat messages, emails, phone calls or messages from other communication channels about the same incident or issue reported by a customer. Each ticket has a unique reference number, which will help you quickly to locate, add to or communicate the status of the user’s issue or request. LiveAgent will automatically sort your company communication into tickets. You will easily find and review the history of every communication between you and your customer any time in the future.


Hybrid ticket stream

Tickets look the same regardless of the communication channel, i.e. Chat, E-mail, Voice, Feedback Forms, Twitter, Facebook messages and others. Follow your customer through different channels but always stay in the same hybrid ticket. Have all the important information about your customer and his issue available.


Automated ticket distribution

Define how many tickets, chats and phone calls your agents handle. Some can manage more, some manage less. The automated ticket distribution system makes sure your agents always have their optimal load. Automatically rotate phone duty, set pause times for your agents and let them rest when needed. Our automated ticket distribution is one of a kind.



Rules allow you to automatically assign a ticket, at any stage in life, to the individual support agent or whole department needed to fulfill the service. Easy to configure cascading rules use criteria defined as granular or general depending on your needs. These requirement criteria may be based on virtually any ticket parameter or event. Rule evaluation can be triggered by events in the ticket’s lifecycle or by time based conditions.


Time Rules

Time Rules are special rules that are not “action triggered”, but instead are time conditional. Time Rules run on the background in intervals (usually every minute) and check if the conditions are met. If the result is positive, the rule is executed.



Easily manage ticket responsibilities. Change the ownership of a ticket to a different department or even an individual agent. Always know who is responsible for solving each ticket. Never hear that “I didn’t know it was my responsibility” again.



Distribute tickets and support agents into departments. Define filters and transfer rules so that your tickets will always land in the right hands. Specify different signatures, phone and chat answering rules for different departments. Instantly see how many new, open and resolved tickets are in your departments.



Customer queries are not all the same. You solve a vast variety of problems, questions, and issues every single day. Add tags on your tickets in order to get a better grasp on various support topics. Or use tags to differentiate important customers. Even add tags to existing tickets in order to sort and filter through your tickets easily.


Service-level agreement (SLA)

Easily define unlimited number of SLAs and let the automatic rules assign them to right tickets. LiveAgent will make sure, that tickets, phone calls and chats will be assigned to your agents in the right order to fulfill your service level agreements with your customers.


Business hours

Does your help desk operate on 24x7x365, or does it work the more traditional 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday? Or do you have combination of departments working 24/7 and some on standard office hours? If some of your departments operate just on standard office hours of Monday to Friday, then no doubt you want your tickets to be aged and process accordingly. With Live Agent is easy to define for each of your service level agreements custom business hours.


Contact groups

Contact groups help you manage and sort your business contacts in an easy way.



View information about your customers, from basic contact info, language preferences, to any customer data captured in custom user fields. Every time someone contacts you, a new Contact is created in LiveAgent.



Agents are people who provide support services and with the admin role they can also supervise and configure the system.



Companies are collections of your Contacts, Each contact can be added to only one company. The use of companies is optional, but by organizing your customers into companies you can keep track of what those companies are requesting.


Contact fields

Contact fields are custom fields that are typically used to gather more information about your Contacts or Companies. LiveAgent allows you to Create unlimited custom Contact fields.


Ticket fields

Ticket fields are custom fields that are typically used to gather more information about your tickets. LiveAgent allow you to create unlimited custom Ticket fields.


SPAM filters

Save the time of your support agents and fight against spam with automatic spam filtering in your help desk. LiveAgent implements a naive Bayesian spam filter, which learns from a set of emails you’ve marked as spam and automatically marks similar messages sent by spammer as spam. It needs to be trained on at least a few dozen emails before the filtering starts to become reliable, but then it does the job with high accuracy.